January 21, 2016—New Data Points for Forecasts and Agronomic Norms

Today we've released a few new data points for our Forecasts and Agronomic Norms APIs. Dew Point, Minimum Relative Humidity, and Minimum Wind Speed for Forecasts. Standard Deviation values for Agronomic Norms. We've also released a few bug fixes for our APIs. The new data points fit into our existing design just like any other data point. You can use the new forecast data points to get better insight about your field's micro-environment and to do leaf wetness and evapotranspiration modeling. You can use the new Standard Deviation values in Agronomic Norms to better understand the statistical variance in historical agronomic values for your field.

The bug fixes released today for the Forecasts API address issues that affected Maximum Wind, Maximum Relative Humidity, Condition Codes, and UTC Offset. The bug fixes for the Agronomic Norms, Observations, Agronomic Values, and Models APIs address issues that affected PET, Average Accumulations, Unit Conversion, and Error Response Codes.

Relevant documentation: