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Jun 14
Posted by Supitsara Prathan | about 1 week 5 days ago

I cannot get a token through Postman, status is 500 Internal Server Error and response is
"fault": {
"faultstring": "Invalid client identifier {0}",
"detail": {
"errorcode": "... Read more

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Jun 12
Posted by Tal Segal | about 2 weeks 1 day ago


{"statusCode": 403,"statusName":"Forbidden","errorId":"","simpleMessage":"The dates requested fall outside the... Read more

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May 30
Posted by Jawoo Koo | about 4 weeks 28 min ago

I'd like to be able to run a crop modeling application using aWhere's historical daily weather data using as many years as possible. How far does the historical daily weather go?

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Apr 28
Posted by Pradip Patil | about 2 months 7 hours ago


Gdd values from Agronomic Values api gets reset when new planting is created?

Gdd calculations use/depends on Planting info?

How Agronomic Values API works if there are multiple plantings in aWhere?


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Apr 12
Posted by Pradip Patil | about 2 months 2 weeks ago


I want to get weather history for a specific period e.g. for last 10 days till yesterday. I am getting below issue:

"detailedMessage": "The date you specified was today or in the future; daily observed weather data is only available from yesterday... Read more

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