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Mar 24
Posted by Hugo Andres Dorado Betancourt | about 3 months 5 days ago

I want to use R to download daily weather information, but I have the follow results.

Library (devtools)
#devtools :: install_github ("aWhereAPI / aWhere-R-Library")
Library (aWhereAPI)
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Feb 23
Posted by Nikolay Nikolov | about 4 months 4 days ago


I want to ask if I don't have a company and I want to use the API to build an Application, can I still use the API? And what about after the 30 days of trial?

Nikolay Nikolov

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Feb 13
Posted by Pradip Patil | about 4 months 2 weeks ago
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Feb 13
Posted by Pradip Patil | about 4 months 2 weeks ago

I want to get hourly weather history for a specific date. Would it possible to get hourly data using Daily Observations?

Also, dew point is available in forecasts but not in history. Is there any way to get dew point for history as well?


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Jan 27
Posted by Pradip Patil | about 5 months 1 day ago


I am not able to update the whole planting. I am receiving below error:

"detailedMessage": "The planting information could not be updated. You attempted to update property that is not patchable.",
"errorId": "df52b367-3db2-... Read more

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