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The Future of Farming

By the year 2050 there'll be almost 10 billion people on the planet, and it's going to be hard to feed everyone if things don't change soon. Farmers around the world are facing increasingly complex value chains, need better and more efficient yields, and such extreme variability in weather and climate that traditional practices can't keep up.

At aWhere we know that weather data by itself isn't enough. Our Agriculture Intelligence platform is built to drive decisions that make a difference on the farm. Our weather data is tuned specifically for agriculture. Our agronomic modeling engine makes that data meaningful. Your application can leverage this rich ecosystem or take the data and do something even more innovative. We will never compete with you, we only want to help you create the future of farming.

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New APIs Now Available

We're excited to release our next-generation API platform! With new standards-based flexible design, new technologies and content, and a robust infrastructure, it's a dependable partner to your application, no matter how you use Agriculture Intelligence. 

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