Release Notes

February 18, 2016—Weather Map Layers and NWS Advisories

Today we've opened up access to two new weather APIs: Weather Maps and National Weather Service advisories.

January 21, 2016—New Data Points for Forecasts and Agronomic Norms

Today we've released a few new data points for our Forecasts and Agronomic Norms APIs. Dew Point, Minimum Relative Humidity, and Minimum Wind Speed for Forecasts. Standard Deviation values for Agronomic Norms. We've also released a few bug fixes for our APIs.

November 20, 2015—Average Observed Wind Speed

Today we've released a simple new data point: average wind speed in the Weather Observations API and Weather Norms API.

October 13, 2015—Next Generation API Platform

We've released the next generation of our API platform, complete with more efficient and easier to use APIs, new data, and a more efficient way to leverage field and planting information to feed into your agronomics and models.

Version 1 APIs

June 15, 2015—Growth Stage Models API

The new Growth Stage Models API allows you to build in plant stage information into your applications, supporting in-season decision, scouting scheduling, etc.

June 1, 2015—New GDD Equation Available

The Modified Standard equation is common in agronomic science because it excludes very high and very low temperatures when calculating GDDs.

April 2015—New Weather Attributes and Fahrenheit Temps Available

New options for comparing accumulations to the prior year and an average of recent years. Also released this month are new attributes for PET and P/PET. Plus, the API now has an option for returning Fahrenheit temperatures and GDDs.