aWhere's Agriculture Intelligence API Platform

The API reference contains all the details you need for accessing our new, next-generation API platform. The new platform is a comprehensive agriculture intelligence system that is both powerful and flexible, designed for a wide variety of use cases and applications.

Fields and Plantings

The Fields API is how you manage your field locations in the aWhere Platform, and Plantings record the crop and field activity to empower agronomic calculations and modeling. | View Documentation


The Weather APIs provide access to aWhere's agriculture-specific Weather Terrain™ system, and allows retrieval and integration of data across all different time ranges—long term normals, daily observed, current weather, and forecasts. | View Documentation


aWhere provides a rich set of agronomic values that adds deeper layers of insight on top of weather data alone. Enrich your application with more than daily weather; values like the accumulations for the current year, Growing Degree-Days, Potential Evapotranspiration, and comparison to long term averages help provide more insight to how the weather is affecting crop health. | View Documentation


Enrich your app and help growers make the right decisions every day by building in powerful modeling capabilities. When your app can give better insight to what is happening on a field, farmers can better manage their day-to-day operations and week-to-week planning. aWhere's platform is designed to empower exactly this sort of agronomic modeling and decision-driving. | View Documentation

Batch Jobs System

The batch jobs system allows you to execute a large number of API calls at once. This is especially helpful if your application retrieves data for many locations once a day, or when you need lots of data for some form of analysis. It's much faster and more efficient than making many individual calls, because it eliminates the overhead of HTTP transactions for each request. | View Documentation