aWhere Agronomics APIs

aWhere provides a rich set of agronomic values that adds deeper layers of insight on top of weather data alone. Enrich your application with more than daily weather; values like the accumulations for the current year, Growing Degree-Days, or Potential Evapotranspiration help provide more insight to how the weather is affecting crop health. Comparing these values to long-term norms gives growers more intuitive context for whether this is a good or bad year.

Agronomic Values and Accumulations for Current Year

This API provides access to the entry level advanced value of agronomic data, including the calculations of GDD, PET, or P/PET, plus the accumulated precipitation, GDDs, and PET for the current growing season. | View Documentation

/v2/agronomics/fields/{fieldId}/agronomicvalues /v2/agronomics/fields/{fieldId}/agronomicvalues/{singleDate} /v2/agronomics/fields/{fieldId}/agronomicvalues/{startDate},{endDate}

Agronomic Norms

Compare this year's agronomic values to the averages from any range of years for which we have weather data. Whereas the API above has a historical data limit based on API subscription, this API allows you to compare this year and previous year to the long-term normals (however many years you want to include). | View Documentation

/v2/agronomics/fields/{fieldId}/agronomicnorms /v2/agronomics/fields/{fieldId}/agronomicnorms/years/{startYear},{endYear} /v2/agronomics/fields/{fieldId}/agronomicnorms/{month-day} /v2/agronomics/fields/{fieldId}/agronomicnorms/{month-day}/years/{startYear},{endYear} /v2/agronomics/fields/{fieldId}/agronomicnorms/{startDay},{endDay} /v2/agronomics/fields/{fieldId}/agronomicnorms/{startDay},{endDay}/years/{startYear},{endYear}