Delete a Field

Occasionally it is necessary to remove a field from your account, such as when you need to refine the geolocation. This API allows you to delete a field.

Important: This API has a lower rate limit than the rest of the API platform. This API's limit is 1 request per second.

Remember deleting a field will delete any associated plantings as well.

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API Request

API Endpoints

HTTP Verbs and URIs

DELETE /v2/fields/{fieldId}
  • Deletes the field.


Parameter Description Valid Values
{fieldId} The ID of the field that you used when you created it. A string

Query String Parameters


Request Body


HTTP Headers

Header Name Required Value
Authorization Bearer {token} (see Authentication)

API Response

Response HTTP Status Codes and Headers

This API returns standard HTTP status codes and headers for aWhere APIs. No additional headers are returned. On a successful delete the API will return only a status code of 204 No Content.

Response Body