Get Model Details

Every model has its own parameters and criteria it uses to calculate the results. This API will return those details; for the growth stage models currently available this API returns information about the crop stages that the model may return.

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API Request

API Endpoints

HTTP Verbs and URIs

GET /v2/agronomics/models/{modelId}/details
  • Returns the details for the specified model.


Parameter Description Valid Values
{modelId} The ID of the model you wish to reference. Model IDs are strings provided by the aWhere APIs. A string

Query String Parameters

Query Parameter Name Description Valid Values
units By default, the API will work in metric units (e.g., Celsius, millimeters, etc). When set to usa, the relevant numeric properties will use values common in the US; for example, GDDs are calculated using Fahrenheit temperatures. The API response includes properties that indicate the units for each temperature attribute. metric

Request Body


HTTP Headers

Remember to always send your OAuth2 Access Token in the Authorization header (see Authentication). This API doesn't require any additional headers.

API Response

Response HTTP Status Codes and Headers

This API returns standard HTTP status codes and headers for aWhere APIs. No additional headers are returned.

Response Body

Format for the Growth Stage Models

        "awhere:model":{ "href":"{modelLink}" }

Property Descriptions

Name Description
{biofix} The biofix date is the date from which the GDDs begin accumulating, and is expressed as a plus or minus number of days relative to the planting date. The results API handles this adjustment automatically.
{gddMethod} The GDD calculation used for this model.  Details about the equations and parameters are available here.
{gddBaseTemp} The base temperature used in the GDD equation for this model.
{gddMaxBoundary} The maximum temperature boundary used in the GDD equation.  Behavior of this value depends on the equation used. A null value represents no maximum boundary.
{gddMinBoundary} The minimum temperature boundary used in the GDD equation.  Behavior of this value depends on the equation used. A null value represents no minimum boundary.
{gddUnits} The temperature units (Celsius or Fahrenheit) for the above GDD parameters.
stages This is an array of objects where every object represents one of the growth stages for the crop.
{stageId} An ID for the stage.
{stage} A name for the stage.
{description} A description of the stage, such as what the plant may look like.
{gddThreshold} The number of GDDs required to enter this stage.
{gddUnits} The temperature units (Celsius or Fahrenheit) used to calculate the number of GDDs.
{self} The URI of the Details object (the same API called to generate these results).
{modelLink} The URI of each the relevant Model object.