Delete a Planting

The aWhere API only references the most recent planting when calculating agronomics and running models, but if you want to keep your planting records clean for reporting and historical tracking purposes you can delete errant or incorrect plantings.

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API Request

API Endpoints

HTTP Verbs and URIs

DELETE /v2/agronomics/fields/{fieldId}/plantings/{plantingId}
DELETE /v2/agronomics/fields/{fieldId}/plantings/current
  • Deletes the planting.
  • Use current instead of {plantingId} as a short cut for updating only the most recent planting in a field.


Parameter Description Valid Values
{fieldId} The ID of the field that you used when you created it. A string
{plantingID} The ID of the planting issued by aWhere's API with the planting was created. A string

Query String Parameters


Request Body


HTTP Headers

Header Name Required Value
Authorization Bearer {token} (see Authentication)

API Response

Response HTTP Status Codes and Headers

This API returns standard HTTP status codes and headers for aWhere APIs. No additional headers are returned. On a successful delete the API will return only a status code of 204 No Content.

Response Body