aWhere Weather APIs

The Weather APIs provide access to aWhere's agriculture-specific Weather Terrain™ system, and allows retrieval and integration of data across all different time ranges—long term normals, daily observed, current weather, and forecasts. These APIs are designed for efficiency, allowing you to customize the responses to return just the attributes you need.

Daily Observed Weather

This API opens up the weather attributes that matter most for agriculture as daily summaries and totals. | View Documentation

/v2/weather/fields/{fieldId}/observations /v2/weather/fields/{fieldId}/observations/{singleDate} /v2/weather/fields/{fieldId}/observations/{startDate},{endDate}


Use this API to return today's forecast plus the forecast for up to 7 more days. Forecasts are available in many sizes of hourly blocks, from hourly to daily. | View Documentation

/v2/weather/fields/{fieldId}/forecasts /v2/weather/fields/{fieldId}/forecasts/{singleDate} /v2/weather/fields/{fieldId}/forecasts/{startDate},{endDate}

Historical Norms

This is a flexible API that allows you to calculate the averages for weather attribute across any range of years for which we have data. This API allow you to compare this year and the previous year to the long-term normals (however many years you want to include). Each day's worth of data also includes the standard deviation for the average. | View Documentation

/v2/weather/fields/{fieldId}/norms/{month-day} /v2/weather/fields/{fieldId}/norms/{startDay},{endDay} /v2/weather/fields/{fieldId}/norms/{month-day}/years/{startYear},{endYear} /v2/weather/fields/{fieldId}/norms/{startDay},{endDay}/years/{startYear},{endYear}

Current Conditions

Forecasts are useful for predicting today's weather at the start of the day, but conditions can change quickly. At that point, having a more recent reading of the area's weather is key for making decisions in the middle of the day. The Current Weather Conditions, or Nowcast, API provides the current conditions. This API uses the data from the nearest weather station that is capable of hourly updates. | View Documentation


Weather Map Layers

Use this API to retrieve map layers that visualize data for current weather conditions and weather advisories. These map layers will allow you to derive quick insight and will prompt you or your users to drill down to analyze weather data at specific locations with the other APIs. This API allows for the retrieval of a images that visualize data for a particular weather attribute and/or weather advisories. You can layer the weather maps on top of an existing base map, or request layers that provide the base map for you. | View Documentation


National Weather Service Advisories

In the United States, the National Weather Service (NWS) issues a variety of weather statements that alert the public to adverse and dangerous weather conditions. This API will provide any active alerts near a Field Location. You have the option to filter to a specific type of alert (such as severe storms or winter weather) and a level of significance (warnings, watches, advisories, and statements). | View Documentation