June 15, 2015—Growth Stage Models API

Today we've released a new API for Growth Stage Models. This will allow you to build in plant stage information into your applications, supporting in-season decision, scouting scheduling, etc. With a location and a planting date, the API will return the likely current growth stage for the selected model + crop.

There are 19 models for barley, canola, cotton, oat, sugarbeet, sunflower, wheat, and corn. The models come from established sources (generally university extension offices) and have been vetted by our science team. This API is available to customers who have migrated to V1 and are using the api.awhere.com hostname.

Three endpoints are included:

Returns a list of the available models. As new ones are added over time, this will always reflect the ones we have available. Model information includes the crop, variety, and source. View the Documentation

Same as the first one, but returns the information for a single selected model. View the Documentation

Returns the result of the model - in particular the current growth stage based on the accumulated GDDs since the planting date. View the Documentation

There is also a feature that allows for stage-resets, or resetting the model at each observed growth stage to provide more accurate estimations later in the growing season.