Server Name Indication (SNI) Support Requirements

Starting April 30th, 2019, the aWhere API requires calling code and programs to support Server Name Indication (SNI).

If you are utilizing modern versions of code frameworks and tools, no action is necessary. If you are using older programming frameworks then you may need to update to continue using the aWhere API.

Minimum Versions for Key Frameworks

Framework Minimum Version
Java 7
Python 2 2.7.9
Python 3 3.2
cURL 7.18.1
.NET Framework 4.5, on Windows 7 or higher
Go 1.4
PHP 5.3
Ruby 2.0

If you are running a version of software lower than what is listed above, please upgrade to ensure seamless API access. If your framework isn't listed, check the table listed on Wikipedia.

If you want to test your code or tools, see the SNI test page and blog entry at