How to Distribute Ag Data with ICT

Wednesday, July 1, 2015 - 11:00
Jeof Oyster

At aWhere we keep an eye on the trends for Ag applications and big data insights. We also do a lot of work around the world, reaching small holder farmers in remote places with limited access to the Internet or smartphones. But more information helps everyone, so the trick is getting quick, digestible insights into the hands of people that aren't normally reached by Silicon Valley.

Internally, telecom companies do a lot more than provide connectivity; they also deliver a wide variety of information and financial services to their customers via text message or small feature-phone applications. For the small holder farmer in a remote area, getting the daily weather or advice on when the rain is coming is crucial to feeding their communities. We have a couple of customers that deliver agriculture intelligence in really unique ways, and it's making a difference for their customers.

There are more than 580 million farmers in the world, and most of them haven't had access to big data insights. The companies that make the effort to reach them will be tapping huge revenue potential.

Our CTO, Stewart Collis, has been tracking the development of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) as a way to reach this market. He's written a quick white paper on the topic, available in our Tutorials section. If you're interested in reaching a huge global market with a seemingly simple technology, read or download the paper.