Announcing the New aWhere API Platform

Tuesday, October 20, 2015 - 14:17
Jeof Oyster

This month, we are excited to release the next generation of the aWhere API platform! This is a completely new suite of APIs that is designed from the ground up to be efficient, flexible, and easy to integrate into a huge variety of use cases. From desktop web applications to battery-sensitive mobile apps, lightweight SMS uses, dashboards, or large-scale R&D, there are a lot of problems you can solve with the new "Version 2" APIs.

In designing these new APIs, we wanted to be sure that regardless of your use case, you could get exactly the data you needed to drive important daily and seasonal decisions. The APIs closely follow RESTful guidelines to make them easy to integration with, and include features like flexible payloads to reduce bandwidth, hypermedia linking to provide context, sorting and filtering functionality to streamline visualization, and we'll be adding more features over the coming months to further simplify integration.

New Features and Data

Fields and Plantings

We now have a new way to reference and manage the locations for which you use aWhere data. Pre-registering a field and recording crop and field activity means providing more insight for our modeling engines and we can more easily tune our data to your specific locations in the background.

Weather Norms and Agronomic Norms

Every year the weather gets more variable, and the traditional 30-year climatological norm doesn't provide enough insight for this year. Our new norms APIs are incredibly flexible, allowing you to calculate the averages for any range of days across any range of years for which we have historical data.

Forecast improvements and Current Conditions

Get a snapshot of the weather today with the Current Conditions (e.g. "nowcast") API, which uses live nearby station data. Combined with forecast data, you can help your users better plan their day.

Improved Models

The new Models APIs provide more context to better visualize the recent, current, and next growth stages, and we'll be adding a lot more models shortly.

Batch Jobs

We've also built an all-new batch job system that will make it easier to kick off thousands of API calls in a single request. When the job is complete, all the results are made available at once. When you are managing many fields and need a daily snapshot, this is the best way to get that data.

Plus there are a lot more new features and design considerations built into the APIs to make them easy to use and provide powerful insight to your customers' fields.

Get the New Postman Collections

As part of this release we've updated the Postman Collections for V2, and will be releasing new code samples and migration guides shortly.

If you're new to the aWhere APIs, you can begin using the new ones right away. We'll be working with all current customers to help them transition to the new platform between growing seasons. As always, anytime you have questions please use the Community Q&A to ask them; our support team will answer you quickly and your question may help fellow developers later. Thanks for being a part of the aWhere Developer Community - we look forward to seeing what you create on this new, more powerful platform!