The Start of Something Big: Welcome to the aWhere Developer Community

Wednesday, August 26, 2015 - 14:12
Jeof Oyster

Welcome to the new aWhere Developer Community (ADC)!

By the year 2050 there'll be almost 10 billion people on the planet, and it's going to be hard to feed everyone if things don't change soon. Farmers around the world are facing increasingly complex value chains, need better and more efficient yields, and see such extreme variability in weather and climate that traditional practices can't keep up.

There is a lot of innovation happening in agriculture - from apps, to using feature phone apps for far-flung small holder farmers, to smart devices and the Internet of Things. We're excited to launch this new site not just for our API customers, but to explore all the innovations happening in agriculture.

The Home for aWhere's APIs

The ADC is the home for aWhere's API platform and everything our customers need to get started quickly. All the documentation is here, along with code samples, integration tools, and tutorials on both technology and science. Plus, now when you're ready to start a free trial, you can do that right from this website for free and completely self-service.

This is the just the start for our API resources, and we'll be adding a lot more tools and docs as we build new features on the platform and continue working with you all. Anytime you have an idea for something, be sure to share it with us in the Community Q&A Forum!

As we release new features, APIs, or technologies, we'll be posting the announcements and release notes here on this site. This will always be the place to get the latest information on our platform.

Exploring Ag Innovation

We are always watching to see how people are innovating food production, security, and markets. The stakes are high for everyone, and we are eagerly seeking new ideas to share with the community. If you are working on something cool, or thinking about it, feel free to share it with us! We're not going to try to sell you anything if our platform isn't a fit, we just want to see what people are doing and encourage Ag Innovation in all its forms. The coolest stuff will be featured on our blog and newsletter.

aWhere has a lot of great projects in the works, and over the next months we'll be sharing it with you here on the ADC and on our regular corporate blog. We look forward to working with you in any capacity to build the future of farming.