Using R? Install the new aWhere API R Package!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016 - 09:49
Jeof Oyster

R is a powerful statistical modeling programming language and environment that is becoming more popular as data science becomes more crucial in day-to-day business. Like many of our customers, we use it extensively at aWhere for much of our agronomic modeling and professional services engagements.

R is easily extended with packages which provide additional functionality, from parsing data sources to rendering charts and maps. To make it easier to get aWhere's weather and agronomic data into R, we've developed the aWhere API R Package . You can install the package with one simple command:


Or download the whole thing from GitHub , install it manually, or make your own contributions.

The first version of the package includes support for:

And perhaps best of all, the package handles Authentication almost completely for you, you'll just need to get an API Key and Secret.

All functions are well documented and included in the package. Get started with it now and feel free to make suggestions.